Monday, November 15, 2010

The Yes Hour Radio Show

Hey Folks,
It's been a hectic two weeks with the Yes Hour radio show. We've been transitioning ourselves to do bigger things. We are looking to give our listeners quality and quantity. You might ask, what does she mean? As of January 1, 2011 our Yes listeners can hear a more cleaner and crisper sound and I'm proud to say,  up to five times a week.  The first thing we've done, which you might have noticed, is to change our editing software.

We initially started by using magic Studio, which served it's purpose for a small production, but as things grew, that is, as we began to develop our content for the Yes Hour and invited guests on the show we decided to try another program called Mixpad and it's editing component Wavepad.

The two NCH softwares have enabled us to do so much, including recording on a multi-track bed, editing telephone interviews, importing new music from local and existing artists.

We've even entertained the thought of doing a live stream via their broadcasting software.
Personally, I have recorded a couple of demo tracks via Mixpad for my upcoming CD The Yes Movement.
I mention all of this because I want to put you on notice that we will be making some major changes as of January 1, 2011. We are committed to providing the highest quality audio to our listeners. We care if our telephone interviews don't sound great, if our song selection is boring. We welcome your thoughts on the quality of our show from audio to content.

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